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10 Reasons for Choosing Corporate Furnished Apartments vs. Airbnb


We are currently living in a time where there are many alternatives to choose from when it comes to finding a place to stay when travelling. These non-traditional boarding options are highly amenable to travellers, business people and vacationers who are looking for solutions that provide a quality service that fits their budget. Whether it’s short-term or long-term stays, each option has their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose corporate furnished apartments (CFA) vs. Airbnb or other online travel agencies (OTA).

  1. Flexible Cancellation Policy

When you stay at an Airbnb, your cancellation policy can range from flexible to super strict. Even if you have chosen a flexible cancellation policy, you will still owe Airbnb fees upon cancelling. For long-term reservations, 30 days notice before the start date must be given for cancellations or the first month will have to be paid in full to the host.

With CFAs like EnVille, the policy offers a 14-day cancellation period without any charges whatsoever. Once you’re moved in, you cannot cancel your reservation. However, if you must terminate the agreement due to extenuating circumstances, EnVille will help you find somebody to rent the apartment out.

Furthermore, CFAs let you easily modify your booking dates or change apartment units because of their flexible booking policies. Airbnb and other OTAs do not have the ability to accommodate this since each listing is separate of the other and they do not have a network of apartments to choose from.

  1. Pet Friendly

Enville Corporate furnished Apartments offers pet-friendly rentals. This means you can bring your pets along without any kind of stress. With Airbnb each host has different preferences toward pets and service animals, which means guests will have to communicate with prospective hosts to find out whether their pets will be welcome. This can limit options and make finding an apartment in the right location a strenuous task!

  1. Housekeeping

Consistency is something CFAs can offer that Airbnb often cannot. Housekeeping is a standard amenity that happens at regular intervals. With Airbnb it is the host’s decision to hire professional housekeeping services and at which frequency they will work.

  1. Group Booking

If you’re travelling with family or a team and would like to stay close to one another, CFAs are better equipped to provide larger group bookings than Airbnb is.

This is again due to the nature of how CFAs work: they have a network of apartments across the city rather than one-off listings.

  1. Wide offer of furnished apartments

CFAs can offer 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment selections situated in a location of your choice. Airbnb rentals may give you fewer choices for 30+ day stays that will meet all your objectives and needs.

  1. Clientele Services

CFAs like EnVille offer clientele services that Airbnb and OTAs do not.

Some include:

  • 24h concierge services
  • A handy app connecting you to local amenities and services
  • Helpful agents that can accommodate your living needs
  • Flexible cancellation and booking policies
  • Accommodation for special requests
  1. Payment Methods

CFAs let you pay the way you want to. EnVille accepts all credit cards, checks, cash, e-transfers and bank wires. Airbnb generally only accepts credit cards or debit cards that have a visa function.

  1. Amenities

Corporate furnished apartment’s agencies have standard and consistent amenities as part of their pricing. Airbnb rentals do not have standard amenities – each host’s place is a gamble.

  1. Consistency in Design

CFAs are bright, clean and modernly furnished rental apartments ready for you to occupy. Airbnb apartments are still typically somebody’s personal home, which means his or her belongings and furniture are still there. Each host’s space will differ – meaning you may not know how much storage and living space you’re truly getting. In addition to this, the comfort or quality of the furniture is unknown.

  1. Location

The number one reason to choose CFAs over Airbnb and other OTAs is because CFAs integrate the needs and expectations of corporate commuters into their rental properties. For instance, at EnVille, we have many locations that have been strategically chosen to make daily commutes and getting around the city that much easier.

While it is possible to find well-located Airbnb and other OTAs rentals, you may want to also consider constancy, amenities, services. Why compromise when you can have it all with EnVille?

Want to learn more about EnVille’s corporate furnished apartments? Read our FAQ and view all of our available Montreal apartments today.

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